V3 is fluid thinking entrepreneurial business established in 2001. We quickly became recognised for our refusal to be like every other Recruitment Agency. Being honest in everything we do, whether we lost or gained business. Today at V3 we continue to trade enthusiastically with this culture and as a result, nine times out of ten, we exceed the expectations of our clients, candidates and internal staff. We like the word “awesome” and do everything we can to live up to it.

We have created a culture that we believe makes us a lifestyle employer, we work hard and play hard. We make it very simple by creating an environment where people want to be. iMacs and iPhones, a fascination for technology and ‘no walls & no ceiling' hierarchy where everyone has a voice. We dress sharp during the week and have a dress for the party Friday, graffiti walls, great music, fine coffee and fresh fruit on tap. But most importantly we strive to keep our competitive and friendly team ethos alive and kicking at all times.

Permanent POSITION - J509672

Construction Account Manager

£22000.00 - £28000.00 Portsmouth

V3 are looking for someone to join the Construction Team as an Account Manager with a real focus on client relationships, service and process. We're looking for someone with experience, knowledge and know-how in constriction recruitment or the construction industry to join this thriving division within the company. 
Do you have a Construction background in recruitment? Do you manage B2B client ac ...
Permanent POSITION - J509655

Sales Manager

£30000.00 - £30000.00 Portsmouth

As a Sales Manager you will need to:
-	Build a sales structure 
-	Manage a team, be responsible for their (and you) performance and monthly forecasting/budgeting
-	Negotiate terms, charges and salaries
-	Deal with existing business 
-	Engage with new clients
-	Recruit new talent to your team
-	Have a proven track record in managing and directing a highly skilled, motivated, successfu ...
Permanent POSITION - J509654

Account Manager

£20000.00 - £27000.00 Portsmouth

Here at V3 Recruitment we advocate entrepreneurial spirit, recruiting elite people to join our Business team’s that are not only experts in their field but are creative problem-solvers.
Do you have experience of developing a portfolio of client services / solutions into the B2B market?
Would you be interested in moving to a fast paced, exciting environment which will test and reward you in equ ...
Permanent POSITION - J509648

Recruitment Manager

£35000.00 - £35000.00 Portsmouth

Here at V3 Recruitment, we are seeking elite people to join our growing business. You must have a proven track record in running a Recruitment Team / Branch / Division / Business. 
As a Recruitment Manager you will lead and develop a team of internal recruiters who are responsible for recruiting permanent and temporary roles. You will review processes, implement continuous improvement initiatives ...
Permanent POSITION - J509640

Recruitment Resourcer

£18000.00 - £20000.00 Portsmouth

Here at V3 we are looking for an enthusiastic, driven and passionate person to join the team as a Recruitment Resourcer. 
Salary: DOE £18,000 - £20,000.
The role: 
The role on a day to day basis will consist with the management of our extensive Candidate Database. You will look to build and maintain long lasting and meaningful relationships with our Candidates.
Key responsibilities;
•	Adv ...
Permanent POSITION - J509632

Recruitment Consultant

£18000.00 - £28000.00 Portsmouth

Here at V3 Recruitment, we are seeking elite people to join our growing business. You must have a proven track record in Sales or Managing B2B Accounts.
Let’s start with the important part, reward/money! 
We have an A player and B player structure here at V3; we basically want everyone in the business to be an A player but appreciate people need to start somewhere. 
We offer; 
A  ...

Our Chairman's message is "Although we do not get it right every time, our commitment to any client, candidate or future V3 team member is unrivalled by any of our competitors. We give a damn about V3 and its staff and want everyone to remain advocates of our business and team, we take criticism constructively and we pride ourselves on our entrepreneurial culture - V3 shaking the recruitment industry up a little!!!"


V3 are strong believers in the premise that each person brings a unique set of gifts, attributes, skills and expectations to the environment in which they operate. Here are some the essential ones we are looking for!


You can usually get to the heart of any situation and implement an effective solution. You enjoy deciding what ought to be done and can give the necessary instructions to ensure that it is done. You prefer action to conversation and enjoy dealing with difficult situations the moment they arise. You always try to decide as much as possible through logical, analytical and highly organised thinking. Others may see your decisions as unrealistic in certain circumstances.


You will convey a fast pace to your peers and above all, enjoy a challenge. You have a drive for tangible accomplishment and correctness with a leaning towards perfection. You have an urge for lifelong learning and can shake off depression by simply finding things that fascinate you. You possess a natural gift for presentation. You enjoy getting things done - sometimes at the expense of others, oops!


You prefer to be direct, results oriented and thorough. You are usually more effective when you take time to consider how you really feel. You are stimulated by challenges and often show ingenuity in meeting them. You will stick to your ideals with passionate conviction, even though you may find these difficult to talk about at times. You like working where you can achieve immediate, visible and tangible results.


You construct a code of rules embodying your own judgements about the world. You then act upon the basis of your judgement, whether or not this appears well-founded to others. At your best, you are responsible, industrious, decisive and energetic. You are good at getting things done and do so in a very assertive way. You dislike confusion, inefficiency, half measures and anything that you see as aimless or ineffective. You are a disciplinarian who can be tough when the situation calls for it. You like to have control of most situations and can speak out clearly and forcibly when you see the need to do so.


You prefer to combine creative decision making with limited reflection. Articulate and thinking, you tend to be matter-of-fact and practical. You like a fast pace and are adept at using functional devices and procedures. You need excitement and variety or you may lose interest in carrying projects through to completion. Tasks that involve practical day-to-day maintenance tend to frustrate you. Routine, detail and close supervision are anathema to you. You want to make an impact and accomplish something in life that you will long be remembered by.


Exhibiting boundless energy and the ability to perform a number of roles simultaneously, you can develop a level of result expectation that others may find daunting. Your weaker points may include poor listening and lack of attention to detail, tis you are aware of. You enjoy work that allows you to get your teeth into new projects. You tend to know intuitively what structure and organisation is necessary to harness ideas and people to achieve long-range goals. You systematically set about achieving your scheduled goals on time in an efficient and effective manner.