How Pigeons are born

We wanted something a little different to fill the wall space up the office stairs and after a quick brain storm we came up with the idea of having message boards where staff could leave each other notes. We liked the idea of having individual chalk boards, almost like your own personal pigeon hole mounted onto the wall.

We thought about what we could do to make the idea fun and engaging. We discussed the idea of putting peoples heads on pigeons and sticking them next to individual chalk boards hung on the wall. We then took that a step further and thought what if the pigeons could be caricatures and the chalk boards be shaped like speech bubbles? The idea for the V3 Pigeon hole was born.

V3's creative wizard, Wesley Brown was given the job of designing the pigeons. He begun to search the internet for ideas on how to turn a photo of someone into a cartoon caricature when he stubbled across the website of Sam the Cartoonist. Sam offers a fantastic service where for a very reasonable price you can send in a picture and within 24 hours, have a caricature head sent back to you. We ordered a sample to get a feel for the service and we blown away with the results. Sam has now gone on to create caricature heads of all the staff in the office and the results speak for themselves.

Wesley then took the caricature heads and begun working on the pigeon bodies themselves. He wanted to sum up the personality and character of each of the V3 staff members individually and seemed to have great fun in doing so, after all, how often do you get to work on a project as cool as this!

We hope the pigeon hole concept will stay around with us for a while with new staff joining the walls as the business continues to expand (we also have some interesting ideas on what happens to the pigeons of the staff who decide to leave us). It will be interesting to see what gets left on the message boards and of course, who has the guts to leave something on the bosses one!

V3 would also like to thank Asher Design and print for helping us make this concept into a reality and always helping us out with our printing needs!

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