Office Manager Jobs In Portsmouth

  • Permanent
  • Portsmouth
  • Salary: £30000.00

Office Manager Jobs In Portsmouth
Executive Assistant/Process & Operations Manager
£25,000 - £35,000

V3 are currently seeking a Donna Paulsen, (Executive Assistant in Suits) a Manager of Operations / Process / Legal / Compliance / Administration / People / the State of the Kitchen and more importantly, who did it, and all else!

This is a massively important and integral part of our team and business. Most would describe this as an Office Administration Manager but we see it more as a person that would be an integral part of the Management team, an individual that pretty much sits on the board and controls everything we do.

Responsibilities include everything from the look and feel of the office, where we buy the shopping right through to the processes, procedures and HR.

The personal attributes are the most important for us as this is what makes you tick! So here are some of the Strengths, Drives and Motivations you would have;

Your Strengths
- Good situational analysis.
- A natural go-getter with great enthusiasm for life.
- Constantly juggling a large number of projects.
- Draws people together.
- Ingenious thinker with a great ability in long range planning.
-Takes advantage of opportunities.
- A natural doer, inquisitive and adaptable.
- Intuitive and optimistic.
- Initiates new activities.
- Keen observer.
- Painstaking, conscientious, industrious and dependable.
- Keeps control in a crisis.
- Consistency in standards.
- Quiet and conscientious.
- Will work late to get the job done.
- Logical thinker.
- Disciplined and precise.
- Open minded.
- Encourages structure and order.
- Persistant, Consistant & Tenatious.

Your Strengths to the Team
- Strengthens the bonding process by being responsive and perceptive.
- Thinks “outside the box” with a pioneering spirit.
- Responds well to immediate challenges.
- Ensures there is never a dull moment where he is involved!
- Generates a prolific number of ideas.
- Is a forthright advocate for the team.
- Challenges existing methods if you feel they are inadequate.
- Can be relied upon to pull more than your weight.
- Brings direction and realism to every project.
- Commits to realistic goals.
- Ensures the focus is realistic.
- Encourages clarity in team communications.
- Will maintain “fair play”.
- Helps set high quality standards for the team.
- Identifies the key elements of important situations.
- Will not be easily distracted by emotional events.
- Can adhere to high standards.
- Adds dependability.
- Helps the team cope with complexity.
- Will only talk confidently about subjects on which you are an expert.

Your Ideal Environment
- You continuously contribute to organisational improvement.
- Your has a position with status.
- Rules and regulations have not yet been invented!
- You can get your teeth into new projects.
- Constant progress is seen in the development of projects.
- You can turn a vision into reality.
- Your natural creativity is given room to flourish.
- Detail and routine tasks are carried out by someone else.
- Colleagues share your drive for results.
- Ideas can be practically applied.

You Need
- Several projects on the go simultaneously.
- To be fully informed.
- To be given opportunities for personal development.
- An adaptive, understanding and patient manager.
- Freedom from controls, supervision and details.
- To be noticed.
- To negotiate face to face.
- Time to adjust to other points of view.
- Space to become the top performer.

You Are Motivated By
- Regular breaks from routine.
- Participation in lively arguments, debate and discussions.
- Having large mountains to climb.
- A team of like minded, ambitious people.
- Being asked your opinion.
- “Pioneering” opportunities with little limitation.
- Being in positions of authority and responsibility.
- Group activities outside the job.
- Seeing the results of your efforts.
- A relentless drive to competency and effectiveness.

In Managing Others
- Delegate administration and concentrate on outcomes.
- Try to do several things as once.
- See drawbacks simply as challenges to overcome.
- Encourage and push to achieve a high standard of performance.
- Project a high profile image of self and team.
- Be passionate about your ideas.
- Drive for results at all costs.

Some of the duties
• Manage general office procedures to ensure processes and duties in the office flow efficiently
• Oversea and evaluate policies to ensure they are in compliance with The Recruitment & Employment Confederation ( REC) and corporate rules
• Monitor training material and confirms it's all up to date
• Organises and audit the company's systems, databases, and procedures
• Prepares weekly and monthly reports for the directors
• Recommending and implementing changes as appropriate
• Maintain inventory and office supplies. Anticipate office needs; evaluate new office products; place and often expedite orders when necessary;
• Maintaining employee and consultant HR records;
• Support new employee induction process as required
• Support the development of company PR, marketing and communications collateral
• Monitor the Company's website and social media content

Skills & Experiences
• Have previously assisted CEO and Executive levels
• Experience of Managing an office
• Fully conversant with MS Office (Outlook, Word, PowerPoint, Excel and ideally InDesign)
• PRINCE 2 or an equivilent qualification/experience a benefit

Our Environment
We use iMac’s and iPhones, love to treat our clients & customers and encourage free-thinking, we believe that V3 is very special, we even provide a car-parking pass to save you the hassle.

We work from early to late – it’s a V3 thing (and recruitment thing)! Your official hours will be 08:00 ‘til 18:00 and as a member of our team you’ll get used to things like;
Non-stop fruit,
Sky TV and music all day
Popcorn on tap
A subsidised tuck shop
Shiatsu massages
Graffiti walls
Thinking/creative areas
Monthly and quarterly competitions

The list goes on and we want to add to this, so there is plenty of things to celebrate – we love a party and dress for it every day!
We’ll even give you your birthday off as a little extra holiday!

If you feel you have the necessary skills, attributes and drive, contact Alvin Edyvane direct on 07768 896696 or for an immediate interview.
We will treat your application in the strictest confidence, interviews and informal chats can be organised outside of office hours, we will even put the kettle on!
Job Reference: J2822